fairtradeusa: From the farm to your kitchen, do you know about the long journey your banana takes? Share this to show your friends how much work it takes for us to enjoy our favorite yellow fruit: http://fairtradeusa.org/blog/fair-trade-action-candida-and-tractor-costa-rica

takepart: Could you live on just $1.50 a day? Live “Below The Line” asks you to take the challenge to end global poverty:http://bit.ly/16OpFwh


Photos of small houses from the Grist article.

mercycorps: From Feature Shoot: Shot over a period of 18 months, Italian photographerGabriele Galimberti’s projectToy Storiescompiles photos of children from around the world with their prized possesions—their toys. Galimberti explores the universality of being a kid amidst the diversity of the countless corners of the world; saying, “at their age, they are pretty all much continue reading »

fairtradeusa: Don’t be tricked: this is no simple plant… these are tea leaves! Press ‘like’ if you’re thankful for all of the work that goes into making your favorite Fair Trade Certified tea! Beautiful!

halftheskymovement: Today was full of victories for women and girls in the US and abroad! Included in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that Congress passed today was the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), which enables the U.S. government to prosecute traffickers, support victims, and take additional measures to prevent trafficking. ThePolaris Projecthas been continue reading »