A Perspective on Peace: Christian Pacifism 

On August 1st, BFJN held an uncomfortable conversation on gun violence. Members from The Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence spoke of how they educate, advocate, organize, and engage in order to make a positive difference when it comes to gun control. Their experience and opinions regarding this matter were insightful, and I would encourage continue reading »

Our Environment: Why Should Christians Care?

It is time to switch gears. Throughout my last three blogs, I exposed the injustices the disabled community faces. Now, it is time to talk about the environment. Up until recently, I had not given much thought to the environment. Sure, I recycled, sometimes. Most likely I didn’t do it right. I purchased clothing and continue reading »

Disabilities and the Church: Is the Church Really Open to All?

Disabilities and the Church: Is the Church Really Open to All? Christians are called to care for the disabled. However, the church is often inaccessible to those living with disabilities. Why? There are two primary reasons. First, churches are not always physically accessible. Second, not all churches are welcoming to people with disabilities.  Inaccessibility In continue reading »

Disabilities in the United States: They’re More Common Than You Think

People are living with disabilities all around you. The CDC reports that 1 in 4 people (26%) in America currently live with some type of disability.[1] These disabilities range from mobility, cognition, hearing, vision and many others. Some of these are clearly seen from the outside, others go unnoticed by most.  A Brief History of continue reading »

Introducing . . .

Hello BFJN family and welcome to the summer blog series! My name is Maeve Barclay, BFJN’s summer intern, and I will be your author for the next eight weeks. Who Am I? I was born and raised in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Where is that, you might ask? The closest landmark happens to be 20 continue reading »