Guest Post – Miriam Riad

I don’t remember when I first learned about human trafficking. I think I was in high school. I didn’t even know what fair trade was until college. Modern day slavery was not in my vocabulary. And I remember, upon first learning about all these injustices that exist in my lifetime, in my own backyard, I continue reading »

Celebrating Two Years with BFJN!

About 2 years ago I was waiting to meet one of my best friends for lunch.  I still remember how she breezed up to the table and declared herself in possession of a “crazy idea”.  Turns out the idea involved us applying together for a job, which was in fact posted for only one person, continue reading »

Living Gratefully

Living Gratefully “You should be more grateful!” “Don’t you understand how much you have to be thankful for!” “Stop asking for things and show some gratitude for what we already have!” These are things I find myself saying to my kids, the last usually as we walk through Target and I try to get away continue reading »

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Only two more shopping days…. So for those of you who have had your Christmas shopping done since before Thanksgiving, who’ve wrapped all your gifts, made all your food and checked all your lists –  I will try not to hate you.  The rest of us know what it’s like out there.  The scarcity of continue reading »

What if Christmas giving could transform the world?

Americans are very into Christmas. We really love celebrating this time of year! In 2013, consumers in the U.S. spent about $730 during the holiday season, for a grand total of about $602 billion when all is said and done between gifts, entertaining, traveling and decorating. To put that number in perspective, the annual GDP continue reading »

For the Love of Christmas

I love the Christmas season! I love driving around with my girls and exclaiming at the lights. I love baking (and eating!) Christmas cookies. I love the colors, the smells (thank you Yankee Candle for somehow capturing so many) and the anticipation that comes with this time of year. I love the homemade Christmas ornaments continue reading »

The Gratitude Game

As a Mom of two young girls I am humbled by how often my kids are the ones teaching me. Today was no exception. As my six year old and I were driving she declared we would play the “Thankful Game”. Although I could fairly easily determine the rules of this heretofore unexperienced game she continue reading »

6 Things I Wish My Church Had Told Me about Domestic Violence

6 Things I Wish My Church Had Told Me about Domestic Violence 1. It happens. According to the Centers for Disease Control (, 33% of women and 28% of men will experience some form of physical violence at the hands of a partner during their lifetime. Domestic Violence is an epidemic that thrives in silence continue reading »