Today’s post is by my amazing friend, Jocelyn. I am so thankful to her for sharing her wisdom and her heart with us. If you’re anything like me you ended 2019 with a list of goals you wanted to accomplish, things you were looking forward to, and a sense of hope that the dawn of continue reading »

As Time Goes By . . .

Thanks to Facebook memories I realized that this past week was my sixth anniversary with the Boston Faith & Justice Network.  It’s not that I didn’t know I have been around for about that amount of time and that I started somewhere around September, but to see the specific memory and read my excited post about continue reading »

Let’s Talk About Racism Again

Uncomfortable Conversations:  Let’s Talk About Racism Follow Up  Last month when we came together to discuss honestly and openly what racism looks and feels like with three brave women who shared their experiences and ideas. I was amazed by the response of our community.  You listened, shared and asked insightful questions. Thank you.  I followed up with our wonderful continue reading »

Own Your Voice

By April L Diaz “You’re too loud.” “You’re not smart enough.” “You need some soft skills.” “You’re too much.” “You’re not enough of   . . .  .” “You don’t have much to contribute.” Since I was a little girl, I’ve struggled to own my voice. I was told that girls are supposed to be “sugar continue reading »

Here we come a caroling

I love Christmas carols. I have often shared about this during the Advent season. In the blog, on social media or if we’ve met IRL you are well aware.  They draw me into worship, challenge and refine my theology and just transport me to a manger in Bethlehem in ways few things can. I love them all continue reading »

Investing Part 4 – Cooperative Fund of New England

By CAROLYN EDSELL-VETTER, Cooperative Business Support Officer; Cooperative Fund of New England Boston, MA. Money is pretty amazing. By assigning symbolic value to currency, we can participate in undertakings to which we might not have the time or skills to contribute directly. But with that power comes the responsibility to know where our money comes continue reading »

Investing – Part 2

Socially Responsible Investing Blog Ideas/Resources by Mara Chamlee Resources to help you take the first steps toward Socially Responsible Investing Living a life true to our moral values, especially those aligned with the teaching of Jesus Christ will continually serve as one of the most important challenges that we as people of faith will grapple continue reading »