Our Environment: Why Should Christians Care?

It is time to switch gears. Throughout my last three blogs, I exposed the injustices the disabled community faces. Now, it is time to talk about the environment. Up until recently, I had not given much thought to the environment. Sure, I recycled, sometimes. Most likely I didn’t do it right. I purchased clothing and continue reading »

Fools, storehouses and riches

I have been reflecting recently on some of Jesus’ last words in the Parable of the Rich Fool–  Rich toward God. He uses these words to indicate how the protagonist in the story was not living his life, right after calling him a fool!  This man was storing up things for himself.  He had been successful at his continue reading »

This Advent Season . . .

Tis the season . . . As we begin the advent season the world around us seems determined to make us think about everything but the coming of Jesus.  Determined to distract us from the waiting, the anticipation, the joy, the peace and the salvation that His arrival means for the world. Whether it’s black continue reading »