Investing Part 4 – Cooperative Fund of New England

By CAROLYN EDSELL-VETTER, Cooperative Business Support Officer; Cooperative Fund of New England Boston, MA. Money is pretty amazing. By assigning symbolic value to currency, we can participate in undertakings to which we might not have the time or skills to contribute directly. But with that power comes the responsibility to know where our money comes continue reading »

Investing – Part 2

Socially Responsible Investing Blog Ideas/Resources by Mara Chamlee Resources to help you take the first steps toward Socially Responsible Investing Living a life true to our moral values, especially those aligned with the teaching of Jesus Christ will continually serve as one of the most important challenges that we as people of faith will grapple continue reading »

Investing Part 1 – Should my Faith inform my Investments?

The questions I sought to answer when I began to write this blog seemed fairly straightforward to me. What is our responsibility when we invest our money?  Should we ensure our money is invested in a way that avoids causing harm and/or actively seeks good? Are there Biblical teachings on this?  Does the Church have history engaging these issues? As it continue reading »