Technology that Inspires Generosity

Intentionality in creating a giving strategy is a significant way to make your generosity more transformative—for the people and organizations you give to and for yourself as a spiritual practice. For many, taking the time to write out a check and send it (rather than automate everything in order to remember to give) is a continue reading »

Transformative Giving, Part 3: Is Your Generosity Connected?

The practice of open-hearted, unafraid generosity is not simple. It’s fairly easy to accept the idea that we should be generous with our resources (which, in any calculation, belong to God), and it might even come easily to decide to be generous. But the practice, the choosing how and where to give, is where we—certainly continue reading »

Transformative Giving Part 1: Cultivating Intentionality

In an interesting trend in our consumer-wins-all society, a movement toward minimalism is starting to take hold. People are questioning the rationale of endless purchasing and looking to get out from under the suffocating pressure of stuff. Blogs and articles on pursuing contentment through means other than acquiring more and better things are drawing millions continue reading »

Is Your Giving Transformative?

For me, the central question of economic discipleship is: how can I ensure that my whole life is telling a single story, and that that story is the Gospel? How can the way I use my money become a prophetic witness to the world? –Michael Zahniser, BFJN Board Member How do you decide where to continue reading »