Investing – Part 2

Socially Responsible Investing Blog Ideas/Resources by Mara Chamlee Resources to help you take the first steps toward Socially Responsible Investing Living a life true to our moral values, especially those aligned with the teaching of Jesus Christ will continually serve as one of the most important challenges that we as people of faith will grapple continue reading »

Should my Faith inform my Investments?

The questions I sought to answer when I began to write this blog seemed fairly straightforward to me. What is our responsibility when we invest our money?  Should we ensure our money is invested in a way that avoids causing harm and/or actively seeks good? Are there Biblical teachings on this?  Does the Church have history engaging these issues? As it continue reading »

Knowing Hope

Knowing Hope, by Cindy Morrison Seventeen years ago I embarked on a journey of faith which forever changed my life. I had received a beckon to follow boldly in His lead, even though it would mean living a very non traditional life. Despite being a bit terrified, the resulting yes to that call enabled family continue reading »

Fools, storehouses and riches

I have been reflecting recently on some of Jesus’ last words in the Parable of the Rich Fool–  Rich toward God. He uses these words to indicate how the protagonist in the story was not living his life, right after calling him a fool!  This man was storing up things for himself.  He had been successful at his continue reading »

The Questions We Ask . . . . An Origin Story

The lawyer then asks his follow up question – who is my neighbor? Seriously, I get this. Because loving someone as yourself is not a simple, easy thing and so I also want to know who gets this kind of love from me. I am thankful he asked for all of us. Who gets this kind of love, Jesus? Who do I love this deeply, this unconditionally, this fully? I want to know.

A story . . .

A Guest Post This is the story of one woman responding to a need she saw. Thinking she didn’t have a lot to give, she did what she could with what she had and God did the rest. I am so inspired by her example, by her story. The shelter she is speaking of has continue reading »

Year Without Shopping – November

I am in the 11th month of my shopping fast.  It has been such a positive experience for me. That’s not to say there haven’t been things I’ve missed buying!  There certainly have been, and I have chronicled those things here in this this blog.  Socks, right now I am wishing for new socks!   continue reading »