The Pope Speaks

Perhaps you’ve heard the Pope is in town – well several towns by now. There is a lot I could say about his visit. The history being made – He is first Pope to address a joint session of Congress. The millions watching, listening and coming out. The way some people seem to not know continue reading »

Stories of Living on Two Dollars a Day

Some good news on global poverty: between 2001 and 2011, according to estimates from the Pew Research Center, the share of people around the world living on less than $2 per day fell from 29% to 15%. In fact, one of the Millennium Development Targets—halving the proportion of the world’s population living on less than continue reading »

Time for everything . . . ?

Time is what we want most, but we use worst. – William Penn As the start of another school year looms large on the horizon I inevitably start to think about new beginnings. For so many of us the fall continues to represent this. Even if we ourselves have not had to jump through the continue reading »

We are for . . .

At the Global Leadership Summit last week one of the speakers, Craig Groeschel, made a statement that got me thinking. He said – and I’m not using quotes here because I may not have gotten it exactly right – the Church does not exist for us (meaning Christians) we are the Church and we exist continue reading »

Investing for a More Just World

Last month we explored ideas, methods and philosophies around ethical consuming, an important idea that can transform how we view our own participation in oppressive and unjust systems. As more of us band together and make different choices, it is an idea whose execution can impact the world. But today I want to talk about continue reading »

Justice and Cell Phones

If living justly is a work in progress, here is a good example of the “in progress” part for me as we come to the end of July’s ethical shopping challenge. I really like my iPhone. To an embarrassing extent. A key reason is that I have no sense of direction, and before cell phone continue reading »

Live Simply or Buy Justly?

If you’ve been watching us on Facebook and Twitter, or saw our blog from last week, you know that Elizabeth and I have committed to Micah Challenge USA’s Ethical Shopping Challenge for the month of July. Using the Better World Shopping Guide (and its convenient app), we are attempting to shop only from stores earning continue reading »

Ethical Shopping Challenge

So having decided to take on the ethical shopping challenge for July I eagerly began looking up many of my favorite stores on my handy new app – the Better World Shopper. Turns out most of them would have done very poorly in school, scoring mostly Ds and Cs. I can’t say I am completely continue reading »

A collection of the thoughts of others about Charleston . . . May we continue to grapple and learn and try and try again when we fail.#WeLament

I’ve tried to think of what I can say to add something to the conversation about Charleston, about race in this country, about healing, forgiveness or solidarity. But the truth is I don’t know what I can add because I feel like I am still in the nascent stages of learning about all of it. continue reading »

Justice and the Worship of God

We’ve been thinking about the nature of biblical justice lately here at BFJN, and how the nature of justice relates to our actions and responsibilities. Several months ago we wrote a post on justice, what it is and is not, and some thoughts on what living justly requires. Recently we also attended the Justice Conference continue reading »